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Finally reopened after a year being closed down because of unfortunate events. The new design is one of my favorites and is the easiest I've ever done. I really love how it came out. All of it is one page while the past designs are hidden by a javascript unless you click on "Show Past Designs" since I felt it was needed since not all care for past designs.

Hosting information page needs to be added still which will be done soon. Or, in my case since I'm so lazy, sometime this year XD
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Sesshoumaru's Castle - Redesigned AGAIN

Yes, once more, this damn site is redesigned after I found out the design from before was playing tricks on me and decided to be all shitty and wonky.

So, after finally getting off my damn butt, I modified the other one to something a lot easier to read and have more space for content to spread out. Tested in the latest Firefox, Opera, and IE (that browser can die painfully and slowly) and is how it should appear.

No wonkiness. No shifted over floats. A nice and simple design for the demon lord.
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Sesshoumaru's Castle - Redesigned

After more than a year of just rotting away with a template I modified, I decided to make a new one as well as fixing up the content that begged to be. There's still some spots that needs work but I'm just glad it's now caught up with the current coding.

IE is a devil of a browser since it's so buggy with CSS. So, yes, I do know it looks whacky in that browser. Opera has a slight error but it's better than what IE shows.

Edit: WTH. I just noticed what Firefox is doing to it now on the homepage. It's not like that on the other pages.

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4th Espada - Poem Update

poem screen

I knew I forgot something while making this site and Larissa's Grimmjow shrine reminded me of it. I feel really ashamed to have not put it in before but it now has an analysis by me. No pairings of mine are in the way of it either, just a neutral standpoint of view.

If you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear them.
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4th Espada - Finished


Yes, it is finally done! Thank heavens! Ugh, it was such a pain in the ass site - mostly the design because of how I planned it originally didn't work. Since I code in XHTML 1.0 Strict, I had to find a way on how to center images and other things. I'm so glad there are many tutorials on the internet or I would've changed the layout to something easier.

What you see is a finished project after 2 1/2 weeks and I'm so proud of this project because it's the first site I've done full blown for a character. My other one, Sesshoumaru's Castle, was built up along the way. It was a great challenge for me and I enjoyed making it since Ulquiorra Schiffer highly deserves a site for himself because of how well he is developed.

Hopefully this site shows how much I enjoy this character and you may too after reading about him. Feedback is greatly appreciated since, well, working in the wee hours tends to make me do mistakes.
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Ulquiorra.org - Finished

Yes, my fellow watchers, it is finally done.

(Big preview because it deserves it damnit.)

After three days of working on it, Ulquiorra.org is finally done. It's way easier than making a shrine but I'm glad I got it finished. As you have noticed, the design is dark since I wanted to make a black, white, and grey layout since it suits Ulquiorra perfectly.

The next big step is Ulquiorra's shrine. Oh goodie.

I'm very enthusiastic about it. Honest.
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4th Espada - Layout Coded FINALLY

After almost two full freaking days filled with countless hours of listening to music to keep my damn sanity, shouting at my friends saying that "SO AND SO ISNT WORKING" and figuring out how to code this stupid layout, it's finally done being coded.

Yes, the navigation is different. After many attempts at trying to code the blasted thing, I settled for this way instead. I'm also thinking of a sidebar... Oh well.

Now I shall go watch Hetalia all over again to get some laughs since this has been huge srs bsns to code.
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4th Espada: Layout Progress

After spending my time coding for 9 hours until 6 AM this morning, I finally got this layout working. After many times of wanting to give up, I finally got it to look like what I had wanted in Photoshop slightly edited.

Instead of using tables, I used CSS to make floats. I find tables terribly messy coding and find this way much cleaner. The catch was that it is a huge ass pain to do |D

I love the feeling of getting something fixed because I was going to make a new layout if it didn't work out like it had with Two Can Tango.